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This is a digital self-portrait framed
This is a digital self-portrait

About me

   Hi, my name is Svetlana Smirnova, I am an artist, I devote all my time to drawing. I have been living in Belgium for over 15 years. I was born in Perm, Russia, and as a child I loved to draw from an early age.

    With the birth of a new idea for a new painting, I am completely at the mercy of the creation process. As if everything around me is related to the search for background, color, composition and becomes the main meaning.

     I have tried many different styles and used different materials and media to explore the relationship between colors, shapes and their transitions, aiming to create vibrant and emotional work.

   Each piece is a creation that combines chemical reactions and painting. Now I am interested in fluid technologies using ink, acrylic and mixed media with figurative elements. My works usually reflect the warmth and colors of the room they are in, thanks to a layered workflow, which gives the pieces a versatile and sophisticated look.

    I prefer to paint nature in an abstract aspect. I consider art to be one of the most important tools for self-knowledge. I am always looking for new sources of inspiration, I understand the special power of visual art and hope to attract the viewer while creating so that he sees the world in a different way.

    I am an artist who does not try to copy, but looks for his technique, his ideas and my personality, and conveys my feelings. 

Artist statement

  Now I am working on several projects at the same time, they are still in development, and as soon as they are ready, I post them  HERE.

    One of the things that I like about the work of an artist is complete freedom to create your own world of reality, in which there are beautiful girls, magical and mysterious creatures. A forest full of twinkling and mysteries.

I reflect them in the series of artworks "Mystical entities" "creatures" and in the series "Fantastic world"

    I am also intrigued by the possibility of capturing the moment of expressing art inspired by strong emotions of people at one time or another. I reflect this in the new series of works “Overwhelming Emotions” that I have begun.


  Often my source of inspiration is nature, it's beauty, changeability, wealth, strength, and at the same time fragility and vulnerability. 

I see the underwater world and its inhabitants as wonderful.. Here you can see abstractions of the underwater world. There is a whole world under the surface of the water, that is hidden from us, which is no less beautiful and amazing in its uniqueness.

   And here you can also see works in the floral theme. Flowers delight us in their full color, but when this beauty is hidden in the bud, this is a special anticipatory moment of waiting for the awakening of a future miracle of nature, beautiful, delightful, but still sleeping. This excites my imagination and desire to show its beauty and extraordinary trepidation of the moment.

   I want to emphasize the problem of ecology, so I am working on a series of paintings "Save the Planet", which represent threats to existence for animals. If we humans, the highly intelligent beings of this planet, will not be able to preserve the ecology we might, in a close future, lose vitality and beauty and most importantly, our home, our planet.

  For me, painting is not so much an image of reality as what I notice in a fleeting moment of life, in a moment spent with emotions, at the moment of contemplating a beautiful creature or natural phenomenon.

    We are talking about a game and at the same time a serious hobby! To share this feeling of magical beauty, to make your soul feel good from the contemplation of beautiful interior work, designed to decorate your home , that's what I want my paintings to bring to you too.

And also to share with you my concerns about what is wrong with the world, which is worth thinking about.

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