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My name is Svetlana Smirnova.  

   I am an artist.  

  • Do you know that according to the Chinese calendar 2022  will be the year of the Tiger? 


  • Have you already found a gift for your loved ones and friends?


  • Original paintings by me you can view or order

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About The artwork
"Mama Tiger"
  • The painting "Mama Tiger” is painted in honour of the upcoming New Year, which according to the Chinese calendar is the year of the Black Water Tiger. The Tiger is a noble but quick-tempered beast, but the water element of 2022 softens the Tiger's aggression, making him softer and more agreeable.


  • There is no creature kinder than the mother tigress to a small newborn tiger. A frail baby is not at all formidable, but defenseless, in need of his mother, her sensitive care and protection.


  • Soft fluffy, sparkling beautiful fur of this formidable beast has always fascinated people, which made it an attractive trophy for hunters. But it is much more humane to admire the image of a tiger in a painting than the fur of a killed animal. The tiger belongs to an endangered species of animals, therefore the birth of each cub in nature is a valuable phenomenon that requires protection from poachers and a sensitive attitude to the habitat of this beautiful wonderful creature. The tiger is a miracle and decoration of our planet, let's take care of every instance of this adorable animal in nature.


  • The painting is made in the Art Nouveau style with the addition of decorative gold decor. This artwork will be a gorgeous decoration for your home.

  •  Covered with shine varnish. The work is signed on the front. The painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Packaged carefully: In cartons carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and protected with foam. 

  • Note: The picture is not framed, as the frame is left to the discretion of the collector, because different interiors require different frames. If the client requests an included frame, they can fill out the form below.

  • Original Created:2021 

       Subjects: Animal

       Materials: Wood

       Style: Fgurative Fine Art

       Modern Portraiture

       Medium: Acrylic Ink 

  • Details & Dimensions

       Painting: Acrylic on Wood panel

       Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

       Size: Size: 64 W x 94 H x 0.4 D cm

       // 25W x 37H x 0.1 D in 

  • Shipping & Return

      Delivery Time: Typically 5-7 business days

      for domestic shipments, 10-14 business

      days for international shipments.

      Returns: 7-day return policy.

      Ships from: Belgium

  • Buy a painting now and be sure to fill out the information below by notifying us about it.

  •  I will be glad to answer your questions!


PRICE of original:  €1.410,00    1057,5 €

interior with "Mama Tiger"

Order a GicleePrint on paper 


Prise:  86€

Giclee print 'Mama Tiger"

Order a GicleePrint on canvas

Price:  302€ 

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